#Vanlife – Quigley 4×4 adds 2″ lift kit for 2WD, AWD Ford Transit

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Now there’s another option for lifting your Ford Transit camper van. Quigley, the brand most know as that 4×4 conversion kit company for Sprinters, Transits, and full size vans, has just launched their Q-Lift 2″ kit for Ford Transits.

The kit drops the entire sub frame under the engine, which includes spacers, but also a lot of brackets and other parts. That’s because simply adding spacers wouldn’t address the differences in axle lengths, placements, and shaft angles on the AWD model.

quigley q lift kit for ford transit camper vans

It’s based on the kit that they use for their 4WD conversions, which all get a 2″ lift, it’s just that they’re working around the stock Ford front differential rather than their own 4×4 transmission.

In the back, it’s mainly blocks and longer U-bolts, but also they’re accomodating the change in driveshaft position by dropping the carrier bearing. All of which is why the QLift kit is quite a bit more expensive than some other spacer lifts.

closeup of wheel gap on a ford transit adventure van with quigley qlift spacer lift kit

Transit AWD kit pricing is $3,495 for vans without a rear factory sway bar, and $3,745 if it comes with a rear sway bar…and those prices are if you bring your van to Quigley for the service. Throw in a Bilstein shock upgrade at the same time for another $900.

Prices may vary if you have someone else install it based on that party’s labor rates, but they’ll only sell it to an authorized installer. Currently, that includes VanDOit, Field Van, and Newberg Ford.

The 2WD kit will be a little bit less, but not dramatically so. Labor and parts will be fewer, but they don’t have final pricing for that as of this story going live.

vandoit camper van with quigley q lift kit
Not my van.

As a current VanDOit (RWD only) van owner with oversized offroad tires, I can tell you right now the 2″ lift is worth it if only to prevent the front tires from rubbing the bump-stops on every. single. little. bump.


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