SQlab goes Yeezy in boosted 60X Infinergy ergonomic saddle

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SQlab revamps the popular and uniquely ergonomic 60X Ergowave mountain bike saddle with an all-new Infinergy construction made in Germany using technology from running shoes. Made popular by either adidas’ race-winning Energy Boost running shoes or Kanye’s sought-after Yeezy boots, depending on your perspective, the Infinergy padding that makes up the new 60X saddle promises improved comfort, great durability, and even a few grams in weight savings…

SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave ergonomic MTB saddle

SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave ergonomic MTB saddle, top

Beyond introducing a new padding material for the sake of newness, the 60X Infinergy Ergowave active saddle is apparently a first move by SQlab to bring production back home to Germany, a part of their larger and long-term sustainability strategy that is expected to lead to many more made-in-Germany products with a few more coming in 2022. The key new technology is the BASF Infinergy expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) foam padding that offers lightweight support with much faster rebound than traditional polyurethane (PU) foam found in most saddles.

SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave ergonomic MTB saddle, stepped side profile

It is exactly the same material that adidas first used to create their Energy Boost running shoes about eight years ago, which seem to have played a role in continued faster running race times thanks to the improved energy rebound. Their use in shoe construction, repeatedly hitting the ground, also speaks to the material’s durability.

This new Infinergy padding is first being applied to SQlab’s workhorse 60X enduro and e-MTB saddle, with its distinctly stepped Ergowave ergonomic profile that offers varied support from climbing to descending thanks to a scooped rear.

SQlab has been vague on what other saddles are likely to get the Infinergy treatment, but was very clear that several more made-in-Germany saddles were in the works, as well as German-made customizable insoles that are also coming soon.

Tech Details

SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave ergonomic MTB saddle, nylon base

Beyond the new foam peeking around the edges without a glued and stapled on cover, the underside of the new 60X Infinergy saddle reveals the same injection molded nylon base and S-Tube ti alloy rails as before.

SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave ergonomic MTB saddle, elastomer

The new saddle also still features the flexing rear mount of its rails that gives it the Active name, but the elastomer has been updated. SQlab has reshaped a smaller, more compact active elastomer that still gives riders the opportunity to tune the flex of their saddle to their weight or personal preference.

The new smaller Active Sport 2.1 elastomers will also roll out as updates on the rest of the Active saddles in 2022, offering 2x improved active movement with three elastomers available – soft, medium (gray above), and hard.

SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave ergonomic MTB saddle, top

The new formed closed-cell E-TPU foam is also much more durable itself than PU, allowing SQlab to leave much of the saddle top uncovered, focusing only on the high-wear contact points. The six reinforced fabric sections are heat-molded to the, with doubled thickness under the rider’s sit bones.

SQlab 60X Infinergy saddle – Pricing, options & availability

SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave ergonomic MTB saddle, old vs. new

60X Infinergy (left) vs. standard 60X (right)

The new 60X Infinergy saddle comes in the same 4 sizes as the standard 60X, based on sit bone widths of 13, 14, 15 & 16cm. The new saddles are also incrementally lighter than before with claimed weights of 253/275/262/267g, respectively to averaging out to about saving 3g depending on width.

The new made-in-Germany SQlab 60X Infinergy Ergowave active 2.1 mountain bike saddle sells for 200€ in all sizes, and is available next week. The standard made-in-Taiwan 60X with PU foam & a synthetic cover will still be available for 160€ with the smaller active elastomers.


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