C-Bear emerges with 2nd generation DUB bottom brackets, eliminating SRAM spacer table

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C-Bear emerges with 2nd generation DUB bottom brackets that take up all the space, keeping those spacers in hibernation. C-Bear is known for its super smooth ceramic bottom brackets, pulley wheel, spanning manufactures and configurations.


c. C-Bear

When it comes to DUB bottom brackets, some configurations pop in easily (with the correct tools), and some need spacers and a bit of troubleshooting for silky smooth perfection. That all changes with the newest iteration (2nd gen) of C-Bears BSA DUB, DUB BB30, PF30, and PF86.5 DUB bottom brackets.

The only change to the SRAM setup is eliminating the dreaded SRAM DUB spacer table and the spacer trial and error leaving only a SRAM pre-loading ring. The pre-loading ring still works just like the SRAM preload on the DUB cranksets with their own bottom brackets.

Updated C-Bear Models

  • C-BEAR PF86.5 DUB

To find out that C-Bear bottom bracket you need, check out their BB finding tool HERE.

Pricing and availably

The new SRAM DUB bottom brackets from C-Bear are available now on the C-Bear website. Prices range from $160-$200 depending on the bearing options and configurations.

C-Bear Integrated Sleeve ceramic bottom bracket, all internal routing compatible BBs

Moving forward

Minor updates with significant improvements like this have us wondering what else C-Bear could have in the works? They recently (as of a year ago) updated their BSA30 threaded BB, integrating a sleeve, helping find bottom bracket fits for the new Specialized Tarmac SL7. This movement is part of C-Bears’ KISS (Keep it simple and straightforward) plan to eliminate unnecessary roundabout ways to get the bottom bracket rolling smoothly. We’re hoping to see more soon!

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