High-Viz Camouflage? Search and State M90 Camo kit blends in & stands out

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Camouflage has only one tenet: blend in. That is, unless you’re on a bike.

Search and State shatters the rules with its high-visibility cycling camo kit, engineered to simultaneously alert other road users to your presence while simultaneously offering the slick style of camouflage. The M-90 High-Viz S2-R comes in short sleeve and long sleeve versions. If it’s as high-tech as the encoded product title and concept seem, you can color us impressed.

search and state high-viz jersey

The new release builds on Search and State’s boutique, New York-made pedigree as part of its fall ‘21 collection. The kit dots fluoro orange on top of “rich, saturated geometric” camouflage (can “geometric” things be camouflaged in places that aren’t built by humans?) on a performance build.

Search and State is psyched on the textile choice, which sounds a lot like a typical poly blend except that it includes high-tech Swiss cooling technology. Schoeller’s coldblack absorbs both invisible and visible sunlight, which is a breathy way to say heat and light. Specifically engineered for darker colors, it reduces surface heat on the High-Viz jersey by a claimed 9°F.

search and state high-viz jersey

The brand also brags that the shirt is 35+ SPF. Sure, every shirt blocks the sun to some degree, but a certified SPF rating ensures your skin won’t suffer during long sweaty hours in the sun.

Two side stash pockets join the usual three on the lumbar area. A full-length zipper from Riri (ooh la la), neck tape, and a silicone waist gripper round it out.

search and state high-viz jersey

Both the short- (MSRP $195) and long-sleeve (MSRP $205) Search and State High-Viz jerseys are available in five sizes at searchandstate.com. There’s only one color choice, but it probably doesn’t matter — if your task is to either blend in or stand out, can you fail with a jersey that does both?

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