Specialized S-Works Romin Evo gets 3D-printed Mirror treatment for longer saddle design

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Not content to keep their 3D printed saddle tech to just one design, the S-Works Power with Mirror has a new friend. Now, you’ll be able to find that same Digital Light Synthesis foam-less 3D printing tech the longer Romin EVO platform, only this time with even more struts and nodes.

S-Works Romin Evo with Mirror compared to Power with Mirror

That’s referring to the unique lattice structure that is 3D printed to use ‘tuned’ struts and nodes to provide support where you need it, and relief where you don’t. Compared to the smaller, firmer Power with Mirror saddle which has 14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes or junctions, the new S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror saddle has 22,000 struts and 10,700 nodes. In addition to a difference in “travel” of the 3D printed material, there is also a large difference in saddle shape with the Romin measuring 26cm long vs. 24cm for the Power shape.

S-Works Romin Evo with Mirror saddle

S-Works Mirror saddle pressure relief

Calling the Romin EVO with Mirror “a 150mm trail bike” compared to the Power with Mirror that is a “100mm XC bike”, Specialized means to say that the tuned flex of the Romin should offer a bit more comfort than the firmer Power saddle—which is all part of the infinite tunability of the design. The construction allows more freedom than traditional foam to offer sit bone support and soft tissue relief, which in this case includes an ergonomic cut-out in the center of the saddle.

As for actual numbers, Specialized offers this below:

When compared to a traditional foam saddle, we measured a statistically significant reduction in pressure in all three bar positions:

Tops – 18.25% (p= 0.005)

Hoods – 17.51% (p=0.02)

Drops – 25.95% (p=0.003)

10 subjects – 5 men, 5 women

Validation by Todd Carver – Specialized Human Performance Manager

S-Works Romin Evo with mirror carbon rails

Combined with a FACT carbon shell and 7×9 oversized FACT Carbon rails, the Romin EVO with Mirror checks in at 190g (143mm width) and will be offered in 143 and 155mm options. Pricing is set at $450.

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