Archer D1x speeds up wireless shifting by dropping in faster batteries

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If you friends ask if you like fast shifting and you respond “do you not?“, then it’s high time you upgrade your Archer D1x wireless shifting with their new Sprint batteries.

Archer’s new Sprint Battery upgrade for the D1x Trail increases shift speed by up to 50%, which they say matches the speed of the SRAM AXS electronic groupset. The did this by shrinking the size of the batteries inside their MTB-specific D1x Trail, letting them fit an extra cell in it. This boosted the available power, creating “noticeably quicker shifting.”

archer wireless shifting kit with sprint battery cover

They say the system was originally designed to work on the higher voltages coming out of e-bike batteries, so by going from a 2-cell 7.4v battery pack to a 3-cell 11.1v battery pack, they not only bumped power by 50%, but apparently also shift speed.

The battery upgrade kit will work in current D1x Trail kits and is available for $60 and includes three batteries, a new 4-slot charger, and a longer red anodized battery door for the shifter unit. Or, get just the batteries for $40, but you’ll have to take turns charging them on the original 2-slot charger.

It provides approximately 20 hours of ride time or about 10,000 shifts, whichever comes first. And you can check remaining battery level on their smartphone app.

archer d1x trail converts any mountain bike into wireless shifting with any derailleur

“We are always looking for ways to upgrade the D1x and we knew the ability to increase speed would be a relatively easy upgrade,” says Archer founder Devin Carlson. “Electronic shifting has always come at a high price before this, and we wanted to make an upgrade for existing customers affordable and offer the two versions the standard and fast system. We’ve seen great success with our D1x, and we’re confident the new Sprint batteries will be equally well received.”

The new Sprint Battery power supply gives riders approximately 20 hours of ride time per charge or about 10,000 shifts, whichever comes first). Battery level can be easily checked trailside on the shifter or using the Archer app.

Not familiar with Archer’s universal wireless shifting system? Check out the tech overview here, and our Archer D1x review here. They also make a kit for road and gravel bikes.

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