BikeYoke Divine SL goes long, Revive Max takes longest 213mm dropper bigger

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BikeYoke keeps setting new performance standards in dropper post function and performance – longer travel, stiffer & lightweight posts that just last longer than most cartridge-based droppers. Now, they are improving on their smallest and biggest dropper seatposts at the same time with longer versions of both their Divine SL & Revive Max…

BikeYoke Divine SL & Revive Max dropper posts get longer travel

BikeYoke Revive Max extends 34.9 dropper to 213mm, get v2.0 upgrades

First, BikeYoke made the dropper that could easily be reset (or rather, revived), then a lighter auto-revive post, then ever longer, stiffer, and longer again posts. Now the best of both extremes stretch out with longer travel, because who doesn’t want a longer dropper these days?

Divine SL dropper in 100mm & 125mm travel options

Divine SL dropper in 100mm & 125mm travel options

BikeYoke first catered to XC races with the lightweight, short-travel, cut-to-size 80mm Divine SL. But as more cross-country and marathon mountain bikers are racing more technical courses, they wanted more travel. And while the short Divine SL was already ridden to an XC World Championship, an Olympic Bronze medal, and a Cape Epic title, BikeYoke was happy to extend their light post for mountain bikers looking for a bit more.

BikeYoke Divine SL dropper in 100mm & 125mm travel options

It seems that as XC bikes have become more down-country, they’ve been getting shorter seat tubes, and more room for longer droppers. So now the Divine SL family gains two more lengths – 100 & 125mm.

Like the original Divine SL, the new posts still maintain the goal of just the right amount of travel in the lightest possible way. That actually means the overall lengths of the Divine SLs are longer than average, built for riders of shorter travel bikes who are working with a lot of seatpost extension. Then, the rider can trim down the overall dropper’s lower tube to shave off a couple of extra grams if the full length isn’t needed.

Divine SL dropper in 80mm, 100mm & 125mm travel options, dimensions

The new longer travel Bike Yoke Divine SL posts sell for the same $350 / 350 € in all sizes – available now in 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameters for each 80, 100 & 125mm of travel. Claimed weights of 400g for 80mm, 415g for 100mm & 430g for 125mm each in 30.9 (+20g each for 31.6).

Revive Max extends 34.9 dropper to 213mm, get v2.0 upgrades

BikeYoke Revive Max extends 34.9 dropper to 213mm, get v2.0 upgrades bigger travel bikes

Just like the regular Revive got a super long 213mm travel version last summer with its v2.0 update, the extra burly Revive Max 34.9mm dropper goes ultra-long to 213mm, too. BikeYoke says it simply came down to the fact that more bike makers have finally started moving to the bigger diameter seatpost size for the improved dropper stiffness, smoothness & durability the larger slider provides.

Now count Actofive, Commencal, Crossworx, Ghost, Liteville, Norco, Pole, Pyga, RotwildSpecialized & Trek amongst the 34.9 adopters.

BikeYoke Revive Max extends 34.9 dropper to 213mm, get v2.0 upgrades

Besides simply adding a 213mm travel option to the 34.9mm diameter dropper (on top of the 120mm, 160mm &. 185mm travel options which will carry over), the Revive Max 2.0 will get all of the same functions upgrades the smaller diameter Revives got last summer. That includes: the new one-piece 3D forged and machined 28mm upper slider (up from 25mm on the 30.9/31.6 posts) & seatpost head, new hard anodized slider guide grooves, extra CNC-machining to the lower actuator lever for smoother action inside the forged control arm/foot, better saddle clamp bolts with integrated conical washers, and a longer upper saddle rail clamp.

And you can still reset/revive the hydraulics to bleed out any air bubbles in seconds, like always.

BikeYokeRevive Max extends 34.9 dropper to 213mm get v2 upgrades

The new longer 213mm travel 34.9mm diameter Revive Max dropper seatpost – now the longest and largest diameter dropper on the market – sells for $440 /440€. The 690g dropper is available now, or you can save 10g with a $25€ titanium bolt upgrade.

New BikeYoke 2X dropper Remote

New BikeYoke 2X dropper Remote, contents

On top of both updated droppers, BikeYoke also has a new 2x  dropper remote. It isn’t that they think the front derailleur is coming back, it’s just that more new mountain bikes are getting remote shock lockouts that take up that coveted left trigger location. So more mountain bikers have been reaching for BikeYoke’s 2x dropper remote to save the day.

New BikeYoke 2X dropper Remote, on bar

So, BikeYoke redesigned their 2X Remote with a newly hinged mount to make installation easier, and gave it updated cable routing & fixation with a rotating barrel nut that makes everything feel smoother and your cables last longer. The $60 /60€ 2X Remote weighs just 23g, will work with any mechanical release dropper, and can be mounted on either the left or right side of your bar.

Pick it and either of the updated dropper posts up directly from BikeYoke now, or through one of their distributors.

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