Gear Break: Peak Design, Pirelli, LOOK/Restrap, EVOC, Sidi, Swiftwick & Giro d’Italia Virtual by Bkool


Gear Break: Peak Design iPhone case and out front bike mount, Pirelli P7 Sport tires, LOOK and Restrap unveil limited edition gravel frame and bikepacking bag collaboration, EVOC Hydro Pro: Race-ready, adventure-minded hydration, into a new era with SIDI Shot 2 Galaxy, Swiftwick: Limited edition VISION Five winter and Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by Bkool.

Peak Design iPhone Case and Out Front Bike Mount
An innovative connection system unites beautifully designed cases, mounts and accessories

After a year of anticipation, Peak Design, the worldwide leader in crowdfunding and everyday carry solutions, returns with the full production release of its revolutionary ecosystem of beautifully designed mobile cases, mounts and accessories. Originally launched in October 2020 as part of Peak Design’s milestone 10th Kickstarter, Mobile by Peak Design underwent a year of engineering updates and user testing. Mobile delivers robust compatibility with Apple’s MagSafe technology and keeps its promise of making your phone a more capable tool for commuting, cycling, photography, filmmaking, work, home and more.


Prior to the release of Mobile by Peak Design, phone mounting ecosystems forced consumers to make serious usability tradeoffs: bulky cases, cumbersome attachment systems, unattractive mounts, and incompatibility with MagSafe. Peak Design addressed this with a groundbreaking technology called SlimLink. It’s a magnetic/mechanical phone attachment system that’s ultra-slim, ultra-strong, and so fast and easy to use that beta testers described it as “magical.” “I founded this company because I loved my camera, but it was a pain to lug around,” commented Peter Dering, Peak Design Founder and CEO. “Ten years later, my phone is my camera. It’s also my communicator, map, and entertainment, but the times I need it most are the times when it’s least accessible and most vulnerable. We made Mobile not because we want to use our phones more, but because we want to worry about them less.”

arundel bike t-wrench banner


The consumer starting point for Peak Design’s mobile accessory ecosystem is the Everyday Case, a protective yet slim phone case wrapped in Peak Design’s proprietary nylon canvas fabric and surrounded by a 360-degree shock-absorbing TPU bumper. The case—available for iPhone (including iPhone 13) and Samsung Galaxy S21 devices—supports wireless charging, compatibility with MagSafe accessories, and strikes an ideal balance between ruggedness, protection, and refined aesthetics. A slim, adhesive-backed Universal Adapter is also available that works with nearly any hard or non-textured 3rd party phone case. Peak Design intends to support additional phone models in the months and years to come.

To complete the ecosystem, Peak Design has launched a wide array of instantly-swappable accessories, including mounts for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, home/office, two mobile wallets, and accessories for photographers and filmmakers. Each accessory was developed by a team of engineers over the course of 3 years and designed to outperform leading competitors in ease-of-use, form factor, ruggedness, aesthetics. Many accessories also work directly with MagSafe phones and 3rd party cases. All accessories are built from premium materials, guaranteed for life, and are 100% carbon neutral.


Peak Design will launch its mobile ecosystem on September 24, 2021, offering purchase options for all models of the Everyday Case (iPhone 11, 12, 13 + Samsung Galaxy S21) as well as all accessories and mounts. For more information regarding Mobile by Peak Design, please visit:

peak design

xpedo cxr pedalbanner with Brian McCullough

Chuck Peña PEZ sez: This is not for everybody. I have a hard time seeing diehard roadies using this on their high-end carbon fiber bikes. However, it’s easy to see a market for this: more “recreational” riders who use their phones to record rides, commuters, city riders for whom a bike is just transportation from point A to point B, riders who want ready access to their phone (but — just like driving a car — I wouldn’t recommend texting or anything else on your phone while riding), and anyone whose eyesight is such that even a “large screen” bike computer, e.g., Garmin Edge 1030 (3.5″ diagonal screen), still isn’t big enough to easily read.

Aesthetics aside, IMHO Peak Design has come up with the most “elegant” solution for a bike phone mount. If you do a search on “bike phone mount,” what you’ll mostly find are mounts that attach to your handlebars and use straps or clamps of some sort to hold the phone, i.e., functional but a little bulky and not terribly attractive. There are a few quarter-turn type mounts, but these require attaching a “nub” to the back of the phone (or phone case). Instead, Peak Design’s approach is the opposite. The “nub” is on the mount and the low-profile phone case attaches via a unique magnetic/mechanical locking system (no twisting involved). On the bike, it’s like any other bike computer. In fact, the mounting system may be even more secure. But when your phone is off the bike, it’s no different than having your phone in any other phone case.



The case is pretty much like most other iPhone cases and fairly slim

What you get in the box: the mount; shims for (top-top-bottom) 31.8mm, 25.4mm and 22.2mm diameter handlebars; optional thumbscrew to be able to rotate the mount/phone up for video; accessory mount for light or action camera; 3mm hex wrench



The Out Front Mount is exactly that. Except instead of a twist lock, the phone attaches via strong magnets and a secure press-to-release mechanical locking mechanism. [NOTE: You can also attach the Out Front Mount “backwards” so that the phone is over the stem — if your stem is long enough and if your steerer tube top cap isn’t too high.]

If BIG is your thing, you can ride with your iPhone (or Samsung Galaxy) — roughly 6″x3″ footprint — instead of a bike computer

Pirelli P7 Sport Tires


When riding a bicycle, speed is not always the be all and end all, especially if you are covering a large number of kilometers. So, to meet the needs of those cyclists whose life ambition is not all about competitive performance, Pirelli has designed the new P7 Sport tyre, which completes the brand’s range of tires dedicated to road cycling.

Combining the characteristics of a training tyre with an endurance one, the new tyre is dedicated to those in search of strength, safety and exceptional grip. In addition, it offers a higher mileage level than the other Pirelli road tyres developed so far.


Hard-wearing resistance and innovative compound
The P7 Sport features a sturdy 60 TPI nylon carcass with an additional layer of fabric called TechBELT. Positioned just below the tread and cut-resistant, it has been designed to provide protection in the event of punctures, in a wide variety of conditions, related to both the road and the weather.

But the real novelty lies in the PRO Compound with a formulation focusing on mileage and grip. The latter is also guaranteed by the specific design of the tread, inspired by that of the P Zero Race, which features a larger number of sipes to reduce the warm-up phase of the tyre in favor of grip, even in colder conditions. In fact, the new versatile and durable tyre is designed for all-around use, any time of the year.

Designed according to the latest standards, in addition to the classic 24, 26 and 28 sizes, the P7 Sport is also available in the 32 mm size for wider rims, ensuring even greater comfort. The new road tyre is already available in the market from just Euro 24.90.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez: It’s that time of year when a lot of riders are swapping out their “go fast” tires for tires that are a little more “robust” for more sh*te riding conditions. The Pirelli P7 is definitely such a tire. Since I have a lot of riding experience on the Pirelli P Zero Race TLR tubeless and the P Zero Race tube type clincher tires, the P7 is a logical “all in the family” choice for my fall/winter riding. Plus the truth is that since I’m now old and slow, I place more of a premium on tread life and warding off flats than how “fast” a tire rolls. That said, I can’t blame the P7 for any lack of speed on my part.


I can’t say how many miles I’ll get on the P7s, but based on my experience with the P Zero Race tubeless and tube tires, I expect it will be on the order of 3,000+ miles (especially since the P7 is more of an “endurance” tire). I also can’t say how well the P7 will protect against flats (fingers crossed). But if I had one niggle, it would be that I wish the cut-resistant TechBELT provided bead-to-bead protection rather than just under the tread.

Don’t expect a tire designed for higher mileage and more puncture protection to be a lightweight

The Pirelli P1 isn’t tubeless and it’s not a race tire, so don’t expect it to be in the same category ride-wise. But what I can say is that — even though the P7’s 60 tpi casing isn’t as supple as the P Zero Race tires (120 tpi tubeless and 127 tpi tube) — the P7 still rolls smoothly and comfortably. Hopefully, until it’s time to swap back to more “need for speed” tires.

Inflated to Pirelli’s recommended 80psi for my weight, the P7 plumped out to just slightly over spec on my Irwin AON TLR58 rear wheel and just barely fit in-between the chainstays of my Felt FC

The tread on the P7 is directional so make sure you have it mounted pointed the right way

Speaking of mounting … Like most modern folding clinchers, the beads on the P7 are tight. So tight that I needed my Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack to get them on.

Ready to roll for fall riding

LOOK and Restrap Unveil Limited Edition Gravel Frame and Bikepacking Bag Collaboration


LOOK Cycle and UK-based cycling accessory brand Restrap have unveiled a limited edition collaboration, consisting of a chromatic colorway for LOOK’s popular 765 GRAVEL RS frameset and chromatic bike packing bags handmade in Yorkshire by Restrap.

Drawing inspiration from wild rugged landscapes and the wide open spaces bikepackers love to explore, together LOOK and Restrap have produced a cutting-edge design offering adventure-proof and striking bikepacking frame and kit, designed to reflect the rider’s focus on the world around them.


Back to the wild
It is the finish that sets this bike and its accessories apart. By day, the sober black color scheme blends with the environment, allowing the bright hues of nature to light the way. Yet as the sun sinks lower, rays catch the iridescent surfaces and the vivid colors of the spectrum flare and burst into life.

The chromatic petrol color creates an optical diffraction effect and changes color depending on angles and illumination. Even in the night, the smallest flashlight will showcase the iridescent surface of the bags and frame.


An adventure-ready frameset
The frame’s chromatic paintwork shifts color like a chameleon in the light to create a design guaranteed to take riders off the beaten track. Understated by day, the iridescent highlights come alive in the dark.

Based on the popular 765 GRAVEL RS design, the frame draws on LOOK’s extensive mastery of carbon fiber technologies. The unique layup of 35% HM, 40% IM, 10% HR and 15% specific carbon fibers maximize power transfer whilst preserving ride comfort across rough terrain. The 3D Wave seatstays are designed with two deflection points that allow for a 15% increase in the natural compliance of the carbon, further enhancing comfort over long distances.

The frame accommodates tires up to 700×40, or 650×2.1, offering ultimate versatility for riders to customize their setup to reflect their riding conditions, while four mounting points – three within the triangle and one underneath the downtube – ensure riders can carry sufficient hydration for epic desert crossings.


Defy the elements
Cycling luggage brand Restrap produces cycle touring and bikepacking bags inspired by the rugged landscape of the Yorkshire dales and destined for exploration. Pure, functional and adventure-proof, they lighten the load and strip daily essentials down to the simplest requirements so bikepackers can better connect with the world around them.

For this limited edition collaboration with LOOK, Restrap’s much-loved top tube, saddle, and bar bags have been constructed from a fabric as iridescent and dramatic as the highlights on the LOOK frameset. Each bag dynamically plays with the light as you ride, changing appearance from different viewing angles and reflecting even the smallest amount of light with an alluring array of color.

Built with a mixture of waterproof textured nylon and a coated iridescent weatherproof fabric outer, the material is then finished with a polyurethane coating for water repellency. These bags are built to handle the elements, and anything rugged adventure riding will entail.

When purchased directly from LOOK distributors, The 765 GRAVEL RS frameset comes fitted with a Top Tube Bag, a 4.5L-liter Saddle Pack, and a 1.5L Canister Bag.


Marie-Amélie Guillet, Global Communications Manager, LOOK Cycle, said: “A collaboration with Restrap was completely natural for us – we share the same values of innovation, high quality European craftsmanship and manufacturing, defined by precision and attention to detail. This limited edition LOOK x Restrap collaboration has been created to reflect the true spirit of gravel riding and bike packing. With this colorway we wanted to embody what is so special about escape from the city and normal life, and that by venturing outside of our comfort zone we can face the challenges head on.”

Edward Kingston, Sales Director, Restrap said: “There is a natural synergy between the two brands, both specialist manufacturers in their chosen field with a vision to push the boundaries of design, production, and technology of manufacturing. The limited-edition Look x Restrap collection advocates a continuation of our core ethos of adventure and discovery and the range encompasses the spirit of these values and showcases our abilities as a manufacturing brand.”


Pricing and availability
The limited edition 765 GRAVEL RS is limited to 100 framesets only and is available in sizes S, M, L and XL. It can be purchased via LOOK’s distributors, worldwide, and will be delivered complete with a set of LOOK x Restrap chromatic bikepacking bags.

  • Frameset RRP €2399 / £2399 / $2599
  • look

    The LOOK x Restrap bikepacking bags will be available to purchase directly from Restrap for a limited period of 30 days from the launch of the collaboration, with some stock available from approved retail partners.

  • Canister Bag RRP €71.99 / £55.99 / $82.49
  • Race Top Tube Bag RRP €90.99 / £69.99 / $104.99
  • Saddle Pack RRP €81.99 / £62.99 / $94.49

  • EVOC HYDRO PRO: Race-Ready, Adventure-Minded Hydration


    Achieving the perfect hybrid between smart hydration backpack and well-ventilated vest, EVOC HYDRO PRO is the ideal hydration reserve for everything from gravel adventures to enduro races. Designed specifically for high-performance cycling applications HYDRO PRO is available in two different volumes — 1.5 l and 3 l.

    • The quick-access main compartment accommodates a 1.5-liter hydration bladder as well as smaller items and valuables.
    • Two 150 ml mesh pockets on the shoulder straps ensure energy bars and gels remain within easy reach throughout any ride (or they can accommodate mini flasks for running).
    • A zippered pocket — two on the 3l model — underneath the mesh pouches let are perfect to stow away mini tools or a mobile phone.
    • The lateral AIRO FLEX sections keep the pack snug, yet comfortable, and prevent any side-to-side movement no matter where the road — or trail — takes you.


    Specifically designed to meet our athletes’ strict requirements without a single gram of unnecessary weight and good ventilation, HYDRO PRO is vital to maintaining fueling and hydration during summer events where high heat and dry conditions can limit athlete performance. The short-contoured HYDRO PRO creates a hydration solution for athletes without too much coverage on the rider’s back and allows for unencumbered use of the jersey pockets.


    Further convenient features:

    • HYDRATION BLADDER 1,5 included
    • Mesh ventilation
    • Body Hugging system for better fit
    • Compression straps that prevent the load from jumping around inside the pack
    • AIRO FLEX belts for flexible, yet firm fit
    • Compartment for hydration bladders up to 1.5 liters
    • Clip to attach hydration system hose
    • Height-adjustable chest strap with clip to attach hydration system hose


    HYDRO PRO 1,5:

    • 1.5 l (0.2 l in the chest pocket, 1.3 l in the pack), 230 g, 23 x 33 x 2 cm
    • Colors: Black, Steel
    • Materials: N210 D TAFFETA, 3D AIR MESH, AIRO FLEX
    • Price: 100,- € / 115,-$ (US)
    • HYDRATION BLADDER 1.5 included


    HYDRO PRO 3:

    • 3 l (1 l in the two chest pockets, 2 l in the pack), 250 g, 23 x 33 x 4 cm
    • Colors: Black, Steel
    • Materials: N210 D TAFFETA, 3D AIR MESH, AIRO FLEX
    • Price: 110,- € / 125,-$ (US)
    • HYDRATION BLADDER 1.5 included
    • Available from fall 2021
    • More info at:

    Into a New Era with SIDI Shot 2 Galaxy
    A new color scheme inspired by the new frontiers of space.

    From the Moon to Mars, up to the first ever tourists in space: Sidi pays homage to the long and continually passionate space race with a new color for the top of the range Shot 2 model inspired by interstellar traveling and the fascination of the skies’ immensity.

    The upper of the shoe, made of Microfibre TechPro – a light, water-repellent and eco-friendly material – is in a shade between light and iridescent blue, designed to give every cycling outfit a space boost.

    Sidi Shot 2 features in brief
    SHOT 2 are high-performance shoes, characterized by a high yield in the pushing phase. Lightness, comfort and design are further improved compared to the previous Shot model.

    The integrated heel is light and reinforced to prevent deformation after prolonged effort and pressure, while the new “C-BOOST SRS” sole, in latest generation carbon, features a special metatarsal area conformation that allows greater power transmission on the pedals.


    The carbon parts most subject to deterioration are protected by special SRS inserts in Nylon and Thermoplastic Polyurethane integrated with ventilation holes that favor breathability. The steel screws reduce wear and make the product more resistant to abrasion during walking.

    The shoe uses the “Double Tecno3 Flex” closure system to completely eliminate the pressure zone on the instep and considerably improve the sensation of closure. It is replaceable and guarantees micrometric adjustment and closure speed thanks to a rapid release of tension.

  • More info at:

  • Swiftwick: Limited Edition VISION Five Winter


    Your Style Meets Performance: Creative Socks with High-Performance Features
    Wrap your feet in soft, Merino wool socks from our limited-edition VISION™ Winter Collection, featuring designs inspired by snow covered trees and the majestic creatures that roam below. Whether you’re wearing them on a cold outdoor adventure, run, ride or just to curl up by the fire after a long day, these will keep you comfortable and cozy all season long.

    Features unique knitted patterns for every style
    High-performance fibers wick moisture to keep feet dry, cool, and blister-free.
    Medium cushion provides all day comfort and contoured fit gently hugs and supports feet while keeping socks in place.

    • 54% Merino wool
    • 38% Nylon
    • 8% Spandex
    • $19.99


    The VISION Story
    Take a ride on the creative side with VISION. Featuring a variety of styles for every personality. Express yourself while feeling confident in the technology that supports your every move. Featuring moderate compression to gently hug and support your feet while keeping socks in place and medium cushion for all day comfort, you can make a statement without any compromises.

    The Giro d’Italia Virtual Hosted by Bkool Starts Today
    The virtual race begins today (Friday) with the first four stages of the Grande Partenza. Registrations still open at

    giro virtual

    The Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL, an indoor cycling project developed by RCS Sport in collaboration with BKOOL, will kick off on Friday morning. The event offers cycling fans the opportunity to experience multiple stages of the Corsa Rosa from home, riding their own bike, through a high-definition video simulation with an avatar and 3D elements developed by BKOOL, for an immersive indoor cycling experience never seen before.

    Any cycling fan, at any time, will be able to enter some of the most spectacular routes of the 2021 Giro d’Italia, an exclusive project with several different phases of the event, suitable for owners of a smart trainer or smart bike, that is set to continue until May 2022. Registrations remain open at

    giro virtual

    The 3 Rounds
    The Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL is made up of three separate rounds, running from October to May 2022; Grande Partenza – Part 1 (from 15th October to 2nd January), Grande Partenza – Part 2 (from 14th January to 3rd April), and Grande Arrivo (from 6th to 29th May), which takes place simultaneously with the 2022 Giro d’Italia.

    The first to be tackled will be the opening stage of the 2021 Grande Partenza, with four routes in total that partially follow the official stages of last May: Stage 1. Torino TISSOT ITT: 8.3 km / 14 m+ // Stage 2. Verbania – Alpe Motta: 8.7 km / 630 m+ // Stage 3. Perugia – Montalcino: 25 km / 540 m+ // Stage 4. Milan TISSOT ITT: 25 km / 13 m+.

    giro virtual

    Points and Prizes
    In addition to enjoying the opportunity to ride on the same routes as professional cyclists, participants will benefit from the chance to earn points on each stage they ride. By registering for a round, participants will receive their first point. From then on, each completed stage adds another point (+1) and, for completing the round, participants will receive two points (+2). The final round, Grande Arrivo, in addition to awarding double points, takes into account the points obtained in any of the Grande Partenza rounds.

    Points accumulated from the event will give participants the chance to win official Giro d’Italia jerseys and products, invitations to the Giro d’Italia and other important Italian races, accessories such as shoes, helmets, glasses or cycling clothes… and, of course, subscriptions to both Giro d’Italia Virtual and BKOOL.

    Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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