Daysaver Coworking5 upgrades big capabilities for tiny, light & unique multi-tool

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The unique nesting and ultralight Daysaver multi-tool gets much more capable with a new Coworking5 add-on,  delivering five more key trailside repair functions. Essentially, by tucking both the original L-wrench body AND all of the new tools into a single beefed-up tire lever, the new Daysaver Coworking5 multitool doesn’t even take up much more space in your bag or pocket. And again, it’s modular and surprisingly lightweight…

Daysaver Coworking5 light, compact 14-function multi-tool

Developed as an extension for the 9-function original 45g Daysaver multi-tool, the new Coworking5 adds 5 more functions and just 30g, raising it from the realm of minimalist mini-tool to full-featured ride-saving multitool. And it’s really simple.

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, exploded view, all tools

c. Daysaver

Now on top of every size hex/torx you need on the bike, the more complete Daysaver Coworking5 multitool adds a chainbreaker, spoke & valve core tools, plus a tire lever and spare chain link storage.

Tech details

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, chainbreaker

The chain tool was the driving force behind the Coworking5 addition. And using the tire lever as a long supportive handle that also includes molded-in supports for the chain’s links, it actually looks like an actually usable chain breaker vs. the tiny solutions in some multi-tools. The 3mm from the Daysaver Multitool drives the pin to remove damaged links from 9-12-speed chains, including SRAM flattop (and in all likelihood Campy & Rotor 13sp too.)

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, exploded

The carefully refined Coworking5 design is based on a glass fiber reinforced plastic tire lever as a body, into which a machined & hardened stainless steel chainbreaker head nests. In the thinner center of the lever, a small magnet and holes on either side secure in place a chain master link. Machined into the chain tool head is a #0 spoke nipple wrench slot (3.23mm), and another hole underneath the chainbreaker to remove a valve core.

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, prototype

Like the original Daysaver multi-tool, there are several well-thought-out little details. Besides the magnet to hold the chain link in place, another magnet holds the Daysaver L-wrench, plus a neat little retention slot for the chain tool where you slide it in place first, then the Daysaver L-wrench locks it securely in place.

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, 30g actual weight

Of course, the Coworking5 is designed to work with the original Daysaver Multitool. But you also could use it as an addition to other mini-tools as well, because you’d just be adding the same chainbreaker, tire lever & link storage functions that are lacking from most other tiny tools, as well.

Cradle3 mount

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, Cradle3 mount details

In addition to the new tool, Daysaver has a new mount to secure the new Daysaver Coworking5 multi-tool to your bike.

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, Cradle3 EDC frame mount

Developed to mount to standard bottle cage bosses, the Cradle3 uses two small magnets to hold the complete Daysaver Coworking5 tool in place (with bits secure), then a velcro strap with silicone grippers over top to strap on a spare tube and CO2 or mini-pump (or something more creative.)

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, everyday carry

#EDC – EveryDay Carry – fixed right to your bike so you are always prepared.

Daysaver Coworking5 multi-tool – Pricing options & availability

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, chain tool

The new Daysaver Coworking5 tool is once again on Kickstarter now, so you’ll have to support now to get a tool later. But it has already been more than 3x fully-funded in just three days, and Daysaver has already show they can turn an idea into a real product in your hands with their original tool.

On its own, the Coworking5 add-on will cost you about $29 / 26€, or in a bundle that includes the Cradle3 mount $40 / 35€. Both of those are without the Original9 L-wrench multi-tool…

Daysaver Coworking5 lightweight compact 14-function multi-tool, complete

complete Daysaver Coworking5 & Original9 multi-tool

But every crowdfunding pledge also includes the opportunity to add on that original tool for a slight discount at $80 / 75€ if you didn’t already pick one up since that first Kickstarter.

Delivery estimate for any combination of the new tools is set for April 2022.

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