Post #3 Collection features a small handlebar, top tube & saddle bag with unique features

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There are already a lot of bags out there. Yet, some brands are still finding ways to innovate—which seems to be the case for Post Carry Co. While the company’s Founder & Lead Designer, Marc Mendoza, acknowledges the sea of options, Marc thinks that the #3 collection will stand out.

Mini Handlebar Bag

Post #3 Collection handlebar bag

Post #3 Collection handlebar bag

For those looking to stash some items upfront, the Mini Handlebar bag could be a great option for shorter rides. The bag has an internal plastic reinforcement that will keep its shape, and a three-point connection to keep it from sagging. The opening is uniquely positioned so that it allows access even if your bar is loaded up with electronics. And a 180-degree zipper helps cram stuff inside.

Post #3 Collection handlebar bag mini

Measuring 20 x 10 x 10cm, the bag is constructed from 600D outer and 200D inner polyester fabric with a #3 Ykk zipper. For those that want to use it, there is a stabilizing drawstring on the back for the head tube or steerer, but it can also be removed. Offered in six colors, some bags have reflective accents. Weighing in at 125g, the bags are priced at $40.

The Bomber Top Tube Bag

Post #3 Collection the bomber top tube bag

The Bomber is probably the most unique offering with a flip-flop design that can be used beneath or on top of the top tube.

Post #3 Collection the bomber top tube bag

That includes a bolt-on option for top-tube use which will allow you to ditch the front strap. Also, the size #3 YKK zipper is on the side of the bag which allows access in either position.

Post #3 Collection the bomber storage

In spite of the thin profile, the bag will still fit a pump up to 35cm in length and has dimensions of 38 x 6 x 4cm. Like the Mini Handlebar Bag, the Bomber uses a PE plastic reinforced construction with 600/200D polyester fabric.

Post #3 Collection the bomber strap

The Bomber includes different strap lengths to fit different sized frame tubes and comes in three colors for $35.

Saddle Bag

Post #3 Collection seat post bag

Finally, the Saddle Bag is a minimalist design that only weighs 56g. Again, a plastic reinforced design helps keep the bag’s shape, and a #3 YKK zipper offers 180° access. Measuring 13 x 6 x 5cm, the bag is meant to fit one spare lightweight tube and tools to fix a flat, and sells for $30.

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