Ultradynamico tires bring romance back to road, gravel & backcountry cycling

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From the mind of Ultraromance and his friend Pat came Ultradynamico tires, designed to deliver the smooth ride quality we all want for those spirited rides that still prioritize fun and adventure over all-out racing. But still able to perform in competition.

Shown above is the Cava, their all-road tire for cruising hard-packed gravel on occasion, or connecting between asphalt sections, but still rolling smooth on tarmac. It’s light, at a claimed 265g for the 700×33, and a reasonable 445g for the 700×42. There’s also a 650B x 47.99 (yes, that’s the claimed size) at 490g.

ultradynamico cava gray road tires and rose gravel bike tire

The Cava also comes in gray, and both are their premium version with a (mysteriously) high TPI and no sidewall protection for the most supple ride quality. All sizes and both colors are $85 per tire, and all are made for them by Panaracer.

They also offer “JFF” versions of most of their tread patterns, mostly in black rubber, that are the “just for fun” lower priced offering. They don’t get the same grippier rubber compounds and casings, but share the same tread patterns.

Above on the left is the Rosé, which adds much more aggressive side lugs and slightly raised center arrows. This is their full-fledged gravel tire, also available in regular (high end) and JFF versions. The premium ones also run $85 and come in at a claimed 465g (700×42) and 490g (650B x 47.99).

ultradynamico mars robusto 650B 2.2 inch gravel mountain bike tire

Their Mars Robusto (black sidewall) is a fatter, more aggressive tread pattern with extra sidewall protection. The 27.5 x 2.2 comes in at a claimed 666g.

The JFF version (tan sidewall shown, but all black also available) comes in 26″ and 650B, both in 2.2″ widths, but lack the extra protective layers. So, they’re a bit lighter at 610-620g. Their website is a romp; if you need a distraction, check it out.


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