3D Printed Titanium MTB Cleats from Silca promise 1/2 the weight with 4x the durability?

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Silca is on a roll lately when it comes to 3D-printed titanium. Whether it’s a computer mount, tools, or even a hollow set of track end dropouts, it seems that the company is looking for every opportunity to create lighter and stronger parts with the magic of 3D printing. Now, that list also includes 3D printed titanium MTB/CX/Gravel cleats—with titanium hardware of course.

silca titanium cleat construction Silca titanium cleat construction

For the most part, MTB cleats have been limited to either steel or brass. For the pedals that use brass cleats, like Time and Crank Brothers, the brass material can wear fairly quickly. The mild steel of Shimano SPD cleats is typically harder wearing, but like the brass cleats, it’s fairly heavy.

So Silca figured out a way to make cleats that were both lighter and more durable. Utilizing an internal lattice structure called a gyroid, Silca was able to take advantage of a construction method that is only possible through 3D printing. That results in a 6AL/4V titanium cleat that claims to be 2.25x stronger and 3x harder than brass or mild steel.

Silca claims that the 6/4 titanium is still slightly softer than the tool or spring steel used in the construction of the pedals, so in theory, the cleats should still wear out faster than the pedals, allowing you to replace just the cleats in the future while preserving the pedals.

Silca Titanium MTB cleats shimano crankbrothers time

Available in Shimano, Time ATAC, or Crank Brothers compatible fitments, each version is 3D printed in Indianapolis and includes titanium hardware. Claimed weights are between 22-26g, meaning each version is less than half the weight of stock cleats. Of course, that doesn’t come without a price. Each set of cleats is $85, meaning you could buy at least three sets of stock cleats for the same price. But if you really get four times the life expectancy of the brass cleats, maybe it’s worth it for the weight reduction?

Cleats will begin shipping 11/24.

• Shimano SPD 24g, 30g lighter than stock
• Crank Brothers 22g, 24g lighter than stock
• Time 22g, 26g lighter than stock
• 6V/4AL Titanium
• 3D Printed in Indianapolis
• 4x life expectancy of brass


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