SDG Components push out Adjustable Tellis Lever for Dropper Seat Posts, available in oil slick

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SDG Components has released an updated remote for their Tellis Dropper Post, and other dropper seat posts on the market. With a new double bushing design, the Tellis Lever is said to retain the light touch actuation it is known for, while building in 10mm of lateral mounting adjustment and 22.5° of rotational reach adjustment; all so you can dial in the perfect lever position to suit your specific cockpit setup. Here’s more.

Updated SDG Tellis Dropper Lever

sdg tellis adjustable dropper seat post remote shimano i-spec comptaible

The SDG Tellis Lever is directly compatible with SRAM MatchMaker X, but hardware for Shimano i-Spec clamps is available too

The original Tellis Lever was fairly basic in its design; beyond rotating the clamp about the bar, the position of the lever was fixed, with no scope to move it laterally relative to the clamp, or to rotate the start position relative to the stem. The updated remote resolves that lack of adjustability on both counts, moving to a two-piece clamp design.

sdg tellis adjustable dropper seat post remote

A mounting bracket is the middle-man between the lever and the clamp, allowing 10mm of lateral adjustment. Other dropper remotes do of course offer some degree of lateral adjustability but often at fixed locations; this one allows for proper fine tuning of lever placement across that 10mm range.

The main assembly bolt seen at the underside of the remote also allows riders to fine tune the lever angle relative to the stem, offering 22.5° of rotational reach adjustment. This seems to be a great ergonomic feature, making the new Tellis Remote worthy of consideration for anyone struggling to dial in a comfortable position with their current lever and cockpit setup. 

sdg tellis adjustable dropper seat post remote double bushing assembly

Another key update is the move away from a bearing to a double bushing assembly. SDG say this is a more appropriate choice of hardware that provides substantially less drag than the old ball bearing. They go on to claim it also allows the lever to be more compact, lighter, and more economical than most aftermarket options on the market. The lightest version of the new Tellis Lever, directly compatible with SRAM MatchMaker X, weighs a claimed 30g, so is indeed 6g lighter than the lever it replaces.

The SDG Tellis Dropper Post is tensioned at the remote end. The earlier remote clamped the open end of the cable with a grub screw; that is now replaced by a more robust bolt and washer combo.

sdg tellis lever adjustable traction paddle

Finally, the most obvious update of all, is the new machined “traction paddle”. The paddle gets a concave face, leaving a textured recess for the thumb to find predictable purchase on in a hurry. 

Pricing & Availability

The SDG Tellis Adjustable Dropper Lever is now available worldwide, starting at $49.99 USD. That money gets you the lever alone, which is directly compatible with MatchMaker X clamps for combining with a SRAM brake lever. SDG also offer the Tellis Lever with an I-Spec EV Mount and hardware for Shimano brake setups, and a standard 22.2mm Bar Clamp and hardware, retailing at $65.99 USD.

sdg tellis lever black oil slick versions

For a limited time only, SDG are offering the new Tellis Remote in a PVD Fuel (oil slick) colorway in addition to the stock black version. That one is a little pricier, coming in at $59.99 USD.

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