Pocket Pedals convert clipless to flats tool-free for casual journeys about town

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Do you have just one bike in the stable that you use for everything from the mid-week evening time trial, to the unofficial club road race at the weekend, to razzing about town on errands? If so, it’s likely you’ve been frustrated heading out on the latter type of ride for one of two possible reasons; you’ve had to swap out your clipless pedals for flats last minute and have been late because of it, or, you’ve had to shove on your road racing shoes to pedal to the local watering hole to meet your pals, and thus had to hobble over the threshold with an unusual gait that can only be accredited to cleat-bearing footwear. 

Either way, neither is ideal. Fear not. Pocket Pedals have a neat little solution to this very much first world problem. Here’s how this tool-free clipless to flat pedal conversion works.

Pocket Pedals Clipless to Flats Adapter

pocket pedal clipless flat adapters spd road mtb

Pocket Pedals have created a tool-free clipless to flat pedal adapter for both Road and MTB, with solutions for SPD-SL and SPD clipless pedals. Made from a flexible polymer, the Pocket Pedals are of a simple slip-on design, with cut-out portions that allow to adapter to find purchase on the clipless pedal it is pushed onto.

The Pocket Pedals feature pin-like protrusions on their surface to offer a bit of grip at the shoe-pedal interface. Of course, these aren’t suitable for any kind of aggressive riding as there’s no solid mechanical connection between the adapter and the clipless pedal, but they are a handy and hassle-free way of enjoying your racing bike for more casual rides, family trips, or coffee runs.

pocket pedals clipless flat adapters

Pricing & Availability

Pocket Pedals are available now for SPD and SPD-SL clipless pedals, retailing at €39 per pair. Get them in black or red.

pocket pedals clipless flat conversion tool-free adapters


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