Selle Italia’s new X-Bow off-road saddle shines where the road ends

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Selle Italia’s new X-Bow saddle is geared for riders who spend their days off-road. Whether on single track, gravel, or any mix of chunk, Selle Italia says the saddle offers support, stability, and comfort.

The X-Bow is a short, neutral saddle with a slight rear lift. It comes in Fec Alloy or TI316 stainless steel railed options. It adds to a lengthy list of saddles offered by the Italian company, including their sustainable Model-X Green design.

Selle Italia X-Bow detail photo, side view

Selle Italia’s X-Bow off-road saddle is a neutral saddle with a slight upward curve at the rear. Photo Courtesy of Selle Italia.

The saddle can also be purchased in wide or narrow setups, and in two different styles that either includes a fully filled-in cushion or a cut-out “super flow” option that cuts weight.

Selle Italia's X-Bow TI316 Superflow saddle detail photo, top view.

Selle Italia Superflow builds include a cutout through the center of the saddle. Photo Courtesy of Selle Italia.

The Fec Alloy X-Bow ranges in weight from 346 grams to 356 grams,s depending on build. The TI316 models start at 266 grams and top out at 276 grams.

Selle Italia's X-Bow Fec Alloy saddle detail photo, top view.

Selle Italia Fec Alloy. Photo Courtesy of Selle Italia.

The saddle is available in small or large sizes. The small has an overall footprint of 145 x 255 mm. The large is  155 x 255 mm.

Selle Italia says the crux of the saddle’s design comes in its rails, which are fixed to just about the furthest rear point on the saddle, as opposed to the point directly under the contact spots found on other saddles.

Selle Italia X-Bow saddle rail setup closeup detail photo.

The Selle Italia X-Bow features rails connected at the rear-most part of the saddle, adding about 10 mm of additional flexibility in mounting and easing pressure on the body. Photo Courtesy of Selle Italia.

The company says the design allows for more flexibility and range in mounting by adding about 10 mm of extra space to dial in fit. Selle Italia says the location of the connection point reduces pressure on the bones that maintain contact with the saddle the most. The saddle also includes shock absorbers where the rails contact the saddle to dampen the blows from rocks and roots.

The X-Bow Fec Alloy goes for MSRP $64.99. The lighter TI316 stainless models costs MSRP $129.99.

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