Yuba Ski Rack lets you leave the car at home and take cargo e-bikes to the slopes

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Yuba Bicycles is known for making quality cargo e-bikes that fit every lifestyle. Their bikes have considerable cargo space that many would find suitable to replace a car for everyday travel. With the brand new Yuba Ski Rack, that environmentally concious, two-wheel dream now extends to snow-capped slopes too.

Yuba Spicy Curry AT cargo bike loaded with skis. Angled front view.

Yuba’s Ski rack can carry up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards. Photo courtesy of Yuba Bicycles.

Designed to fit Yuba’s Spicy Curry and Spicy Curry AT models, the Yuba Ski rack allows a rider to haul up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards, in addition to passengers or extra cargo. The Spicy Curry is built to carry up to 300 lbs, so it’s definitely up to the task. But aside from adding more cargo hauling options, the new rack means trips into the mountains where deep snow may have once cut days short don’t have to end as quickly, and getting there is easier on the earth and cheaper than revving up a gas guzzler.

Photo of Yuba Snow rack mounted on bike. Close up.

Yuba’s Ski Rack includes an integrated Thule M Clamp. The rack attaches to the back of the bike and is compatible with other Yuba accessories.

The Yuba Ski Rack winter rig includes an integrated Thule SnowPack M clamp that fastens to the back of the bike so riders and passengers still can ride comfortably. Other add-ons include soft spots and backrests for even more comfort. The rack is made with aluminum and can be quickly attached and detached for use only when needed.  The setup requires spicy curry sideboards, which go for MSRP $120. The rack itself goes for MSRP $350.

Photo of two children sitting on the back of a Yuba Spicy Curry e-bike with the Yuba Ski Rack attached.

The Yuba Ski Rack still provides enough space for passengers.

Even if you’re ready to throw down the cash, you won’t be able to get your hands on one just yet. The first run of orders has already been sold out. The next run is expected to be ready to go in January 2022 — with plenty of time to hit the slopes before the end of the season.


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