OChain-E reduces pedal kickback through 9° with Active Spider for eMTBs

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OChain are introducing a new eMTB specific version of their Active Spider solution for pedal kickback – the OChain-E. Through allowing free rearward rotation of the cranks independently to the chainring, the OChain-E is able to remove pedal feedback on full suspension bikes that suffer from chain growth. Whereas the original OChain device allowed a tuneable degree of free rearward rotation; 6°, 9° or 12°, the OChain-E is limited to 9° only. Here’s more.

OChain-E Active Spider

We’ve been aware that OChain were developing an eMTB specific device since it was leaked in photographs of Valentino’s Rossi’s VR46 Terra eMTB. At that stage all we could glean was that the OChain-E would at least be compatible with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Now, we can share that it is also compatible with the Brose motor on the Specialized Turbo Levo eMTB (of which there is now a more affordable alloy version) too.

Chainring offset is a major consideration here. As such, here is the complete list of eMTB motors the OChain-E can work with:

  • Brose Specialized Turbo Levo Version 10 mm +/- 1.5mm ES
  • Bosch version 7.5mm +/- 1.5mm ES
  • Bosch version 10.5mm +/- 1.5mm ES
  • Bosch version + kit for 13.5mm +/- 1.5mm ES

Like the regular OChain, the OChain-E relies on a set of springs and elastomers to dissociate suspension forces from the drivetrain. In this newer version, the elastomers are set to allow a fixed 9° of free rearward rotation as this “is the best compromise between performance and durability for the e-bikes“.

OChain claim there is an additional benefit of reduced pedal kickback on eMTBs. They reckon you will notice a noise reduction while riding downhill. As the OChain-E reduces kickback, the motor can finally distinguish chain pull from true pedal ling, preventing unintended pull of the gears and thus activation of the motor as the bike is pushed through its rear wheel travel.

We are currently undertaking a long-term test of the OChain anti-pedal kickback device, and will have a thorough review for you in due course.

In the dark as to what pedal kickback is? Check out Tyler’s explainer video here…

Pricing & Availability

We don’t have a price on the OChain-E for you just yet. We can tell you the regular model retails at €299, so don’t expect it to be going cheap.


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