Book Club: Shred Girls rolls on, Stand creates an handbook for activism

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If you’re looking for a good read with a Girl Power theme, here are two books from cycling authors with great messages for any cyclist, young or old.

Shred Girls: Jen’s Bumpy Ride is the third installation in author Molly Hurford’s series. In it, main character Jen has to choose between staying on the Shred Girls team and having fun and adventures, or joining the local cycling team to get faster. She heads out on a bikepacking trip with her friends to mull it over, and determine the fate of their club as they explore backroads and campgrounds and more. Available on Amazon.

Stand: A Memoir on Activism is a handbook on how author Kathryn Bertine went from former ESPN columnist and pro cyclist to advocate for women’s cycling. From petitions and documentaries to “secret meetings, bullying managers, benched careers, personal demons, brain injuries, devastating depression, inner peace and historic victories for equal opportunity”, Stand is Bertine’s memoir on what happened when she stood up for equality. Available on Amazon.

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