Is the JAGZ App the Uber of MTB and Road Cycling Guiding?

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JAGZ is a new cycling app designed to connect travelers with local knowledgeable riders, earning itself commission along the way, operating much like Airbnb or Uber. Heading to a explore a new bucket list riding destination this year? Instead of spending a chunk of time researching ahead of time, you can now book the time of a local “Guru” for as little as $1 per hour. The App is in its early days of development, but plans to expand its services to allow users to book accredited professional road, gravel and mountain bike guides, as well as cyclist friendly accommodation. Here’s a quick overview.

JAGZ App for Cyclists and Guides

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When you download the JAGZ App you create a profile for yourself either as a host or a traveler. As a traveler, you can search for and book the services of a local Guru; a rider who is merely local to the area. These Gurus have no guaranteed professional qualifications or first aid training, or indeed actual concrete geographical knowledge of the area. They do however seem to charge very little. A quick search for Mountain Bike Gurus in Whistler, BC, pulls up nine Gurus, the services of whom start at $1 per hour, increasing to a modest $25 per hour.

Developers of the JAGZ App have more bold intentions, however. They plan to expand to include the services of actual professional accredited guides who will need to upload evidence of their qualifications and up-to-date first aid training before they can take bookings from travelers. Those qualifications will be need to be in-line with the requirements of the country-in-question’s regulations. 

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Also on the way is the ability to book bike-friendly accommodation through the App, allowing travelers to essentially book their entire biking holiday through the JAGZ App. If the concept takes off, as it did for Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo and other beneficiaries of the gig economy, it could be lucrative for the creators of JAGZ who will pocket a whopping 27% of each booking. That fee is required for “App development costs and transaction fees”. 

JAGZ are now inviting accommodation providers to get in touch ahead of launching JAGZ Lodging.

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