Silca Sicuro cages & Ti Shop Tools add Ruby Red Cerakote special edition color

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Silca raw titanium Sicuro bottle cages were already a simple way to add a classy update to almost any bike, but now new special edition Ruby Red Cerakote adds a touch of color, also available on their super-premium 3D-printed titanium traveling bike mechanic tools, as well! Last fall, Silca added their first ‘painted‘ ti cage options, selecting the unique Cerakote finish promising that it wouldn’t wear off over time.  Now, in addition to the rather reserved matte black and limited edition copper comes a seasonal dash of bright Ruby Red…

Silca Sicuro ti cages in limited Ruby Red Cerakote

Silca Sicuro ti cages in limited edition Ruby Red Cerakote finish, pair

Painted metal bottle cages usually don’t stay looking very nice for very long. But by finishing their already premium titanium Silca Sicuro bottle cages with a 1-micron thin Cerakote coating, Silca promises this look will not chip, break, or fade no matter how much you use it. They supposedly won’t mark your bottles either!

The standard ti Sicuro cages are already $70 to start, so obviously, these ti Cerakote cages won’t get cheaper. But at least they don’t quite get up to the wild $185 price tag for Silca’s special edition anodized Sicuro Cage Kits (although to be fair that includes a pair of cages AND matching ti straws, if that’s something you need in your life.)

Silca Sicuro ti cages in limited edition Ruby Red Cerakote finish, side

Limited edition Silca Sicuro Cerakote titanium cages all sell for the same $85 apiece. The made-in-house tubular ti cages (check out our tour where we saw them bent & welded) weigh 32g apiece and offer 21mm of position adjustment.

Matching Ruby Red ti bolts

Silca Sicuro ti cages in limited edition Ruby Red Cerakote finish, ti bolts

A matching pack of Ruby Red Cerakote titanium cage bolts with fluted Torx heads sells for $30 extra for a set of four (1.8g ea.) They’re also available in Cerakote Black, raw ti, or a few anodized colors starting at $20 for four.

Silca Titanium Shop Tools in Cerakote too!

Silca Titanium Shop Tools in Cerakote too!

ltd. ed. Ruby Red Cerakote or std. Black Cerakote

Just like the cages, Silca’s kinda wild and over-the-top, kinda amazing ultralight 3D-printed traveling bike mechanic Titanium Shop Tools also get a limited edition Ruby Red Cerakote finish option, and are now available standard in Cerakote Black, as well.

Developed for any bike mechanic who needs to travel with their tools, the lightweight hollow tools weigh just 49g for the double-side cassette wrench, 88g for the chain whip, and 132g for the dead blow hammer.

Silca Titanium Shop Tools in Cerakote too

all images c. Silca

The Cerakote tools cost fifteen bucks more than the standard ti finish, $165 for each Cerakote tool individually, $300 for a chain whip/cassette tool pair, or $445 for the full set. The Ruby Red tools follow a limited edition run of Copper Cerakote tools that closed out 2021. Custom engraved Cerakote-coated tools are also available for $470 for the complete set.

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