Found: Aveta introduces magnetic clipless pedals for road bikes with magnetic flat pedal adapters

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What once seemed like a crazy idea is now gaining traction. We’ve seen a few different magnetic pedals recently, but most have been focused on the all-terrain and MTB markets. Now, we’re starting to see concepts meant for the roadies like the new Aveta Magnetic ECT pedals.

Aveta magnetic clipless road pedals

In the looks department, the ECT pedals aren’t that far off from a Shimano SPD-SL. They have a nylon composite body with 420 stainless steel spindles and a metal plate to support the cleat and allow it to rotate through the 4-6° of float.

However, in place of the usual spring-loaded clip you’ll find strong magnets to secure the cleat into the ‘pocket’ of the pedal. That magnetic force depends on the model with the ECT Classic offering 8.5kg of pull force, and the ECT Classic Plus bumping that up to 10kg for more experienced riders.

Aveta magnetic clipless road pedal cleats 3-bolt SPD SL

The cleats are designed to fit standard 3-bolt road shoes and can be adjusted like normal. They also offer the typical TPU contact points for grip while walking around. To exit the pedal you can pull straight up, or rotate your foot out of the pedal as you would with any clipless pedal.

magnetic flat pedal adapter for road bike pedals

And for those times you want to ride your bike without your cycling shoes, each pedal set will include what Aveta calls Pedal Plates. These take the place of the cleats and magnetically attach to the pedals, providing a wide platform that’s easier to pedal with street shoes.

AVeta magnetic clipless pedals for road bikes

Aveta doesn’t provide any details on weight, but typically magnetic pedals are heavier than their clipless counterparts just due to the weight of the magnets and the steel plates. Though these might be a bit lighter thanks to the nylon composite construction.

The pedals are available now for $165 for the ECT Classic or $175 for the ECT Plus, both of which include the Pedal Plates and cleats.

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