Apparel Roundup: ENVE’s Horizon Collection takes off, Industry Nine launches limited edition kits for 2022

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With help from California-based Eliel Cycling, both ENVE Composites and Industry Nine have launched brand-spanking new, high-quality kits that will keep you looking great and feeling fast in 2022.

ENVE Horizon Collection

ENVE just unleashed an entire new line of apparel it dubs the Horizon Collection. It comes complete with a wide variety of apparel including jerseys in both short and long sleeve options, along with bibs, vests, neck gaiters, hats, beanies, and more.

ENVE Horizon short-sleeve jersey.

The ENVE Horizon short sleeve jersey comes in black or green. Photographer: Mike Swim /

ENVE’s horizon jersey starts with Eliel’s Solana race-fit jersey, a snug and breathable option that stays comfortable all day. It is available in green or black with a design that features mountainous terrain that drifts toward darker hues the further down the jersey you go. ENVE’s logo runs down the spine of the jersey and on the chest.

ENVE long sleeve Horizon jersey.

The ENVE Horizon Jersey is available in short or long sleeve options. Photographer: Mike Swim /

For the lowers, ENVE has opted for Eliel’s staple Laguna Seca bib with a matching ENVE logo printed on the leg grippers. They also come in a cargo version that includes leg pockets on the same Laguna Seca pattern.

Eliel Laguna Seca bib with a cargo pocket.

ENVE has added a cargo option with leg pockets to its Eliel Laguna Seca bib. Photographer: Mike Swim /

Other ride gear includes a branded wind and water-repellant Eliel Gibraltar vest, a neck gaiter, and water bottle. For time off the bike, the brand has included an assortment of hats, beanies, and coffee mugs to round out the collection.

A woman wearing the ENVE neck gaiter and vest.

ENVE’s Horizon Collection features a neck gaiter and vest for chillier days. Photographer: Mike Swim /

The ENVE Horizon Jersey runs for MSRP $140 in the short sleeve option and  $175 for the long sleeve version. the Logo Bibs are MSRP $200 for the regular version and $240 for the cargo design. The vest is $150 and the neck gator goes for $35.

ENVE short sleeve horizon jersey. Back view.

The ENVE Horizon short-sleeve jersey features a gradient pattern that gets darker down the torso. Photographer: Mike Swim /

Industry Nine

In the same vein, Industry Nine released their own striking, limited-edition kits for 2022 that are sure to turn heads. However, these kits will only be available through Feb. 17, so the clock is ticking.

Industry Nine's 2022 limited edition kits. Front view.

Industry Nine’s 2022 limited edition kits are available from Feb. 3 through 17.

The kits take the same Laguna Seca bibs as ENVE’s Horizon Collection. This time, the leg grippers are split between a grayscale Industry Nine logo grid on the right leg, juxtaposed by a vibrant rainbow print of the same design on the left leg. The company also opted for two different jerseys, Eliel’s Diablo and Solana,  that share similar, but slightly different designs.

Industry Nine's Eliel Solana jersey. Front view.

Industry Nine’s Eliel Solana Jersey is a versatile, go-anywhere top that can hang all day.

Both feature the same gray/rainbow prints on either arm, but the Solana Jersey is black through the torso, while the diablo is gray. The Diablo jersey, though, is a better option for hot days. It utilizes a mesh material to maximize breathability. Industry Nine has also opted for the Santa Ana road suit as a race option.

The Industry Nine Eliel Diablo Jersey. Front view.

The Industry Nine Eliel Diablo Jersey is extremely breathable and ideal for riding in the heat.

The photos provided by Industry Nine are of the company’s fall 2021 kits. The Spring 2022 will feature the company’s circular logo on the front, rather than the text. Industry Nine also has a neck gaiter to match the kit.

Industry Nine's neck 2022 neck gaiter.

Matching neck gaiters cost MSRP $35.

The Diablo Jersey costs MSRP $150, while the Solana goes for MSRP $140. Bibs cost $200, and the road suit costs $275. Again, all of these items are available through pre-order only, so you’ve only got two weeks until the ship sails.

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