The new MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS helmet features the lightest MIPS system available

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The MET Trenta 3K Carbon needs no introduction, the helmet was worn to victory at Le Tour de France, monuments like Liège-Bastogne-Liège and Giro di Lombardia — it’s an all-around performer. The helmet is a frequent choice of UAE Team Emirates due to its incredible adaptability and airflow. It’s versatile, light weight, looks great, and now it’s getting an upgrade.


The new MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS is the evolution of the Trenta, taking the same aero shape, keeping the ventilation, and adding a super lightweight MIPS system. MET calls the new Trenta 3K Carbon Mips “the most advanced road cycling helmet we have ever made.”


MET Trenta 3K Carbon Features

The concept behind the Trenta is a fresh feeling helmet for elite cyclists with solid protection. One that could keep the airflow high and the drag low — along with the weight. met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips red

MET was looking to maintain the super lightweight Trenta design and couple it with a MIPS rotation management system. The result is a new 3K carbon fiber shell and the addition of the MIPS AIR for added safety.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips mips air

MET Trenta and MIPS AIR

The MIPS AIR range is the lightest system offered by MIPS, and unlike the traditional MIPS cages, the MIPS AIR integrates directly into the helmet’s padding. This instigation allows for 10-15mm of relative movement between the energy absorbing layer and the padding.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips carbon 3K shell

3K Carbon Technology

MET is thrilled with the carbon technology application in the new Trenta 3K, stating, “the MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS performs better than any other helmet on the market.” The confidence comes from the MET R&D team’s ability to employ the carbons elastic modules to reduce the density of the EPS foam by 20% without affecting the helmet’s capacity to absorb energy.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips front vent

The Venturi effect and NACA vent

What good is an aero helmet in the summer if it’s a sweatbox? MET took some intel developed initially by NACA (a precursor to NASA) and harnessed the “Venturi effect”. The effect in plain terms; the vent pushes out the warm air within the helmet through specially positioned exhausts in the rear, keeping constant airflow without creating drag or catching the wind.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips front

To maximize exhaust, MET constructed two large exhaust ports on the rear of the helmet. The Kamm tail deflector rear inclines at 25°, making it possible for the vents to grow more prominent over the back of the helmet.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips rear

The low-profile Kamm tail exhaust of the helmet also has an aerodynamic purpose. It works in synergy with the front vent and the rear deflector to effectively drive airflow and developed through specific wind-tunnel testing in the Newton laboratory of Milan.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips tail

MET built the Trenta 3K Carbon Mips so that only 30% of the rider’s head will be in contact with the helmet when wearing it.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips contact

This 30% contact allows 70% of airflow space to be optimized while passing through the internal cavity of the helmet, keeping the rider cooler overall.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips glasses port

MET designed the Trenta 3K Carbon Mips with dedicated sunglasses ports and rubberized grips for those who like a place to stash their glasses. Ensuring they will not fall off when you’re checking your computer or hit an unexpected pave sector.

met-trenta-3k-carbon-mips blue

MET Trenta 3K carbon MIPS — Pricing, sizes, & availability

• MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS: US$380 | 320€ | £280 | AUS$499

• Weight M size: 225g
• Sizes: S (52-56cm) | M (56-58cm) | L (58-61cm)
• Certifications: CE; AS/NZS; US

Availablity: Now

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